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And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

God's Wrath Postponed

God's Wrath Postponed ebook

Did the death of Christ bring salvation to all people? Will all people be saved from God's wrath at the final judgment? Did the Atoning sacrifice of Christ at Calvary apply only to the elect? These and other questions are addressed in God's Wrath Postponed.

 "For Whom Did Christ Die?" has been a question at the forefront of theological discussions for centuries. Turner briefly summarizes the four prevailing views (Universalism, Arminianism, Limited Atonement and Unlimited Atonement) explaining the strengths and weaknesses of each system.

Turner proposes a novel approach to the issue. Christ's death spared the world from the immediate wrath of God, thus saving the entire physical world from the wrath of God, in other words, "God's Wrath" has been postponed.

This is not traditional Universalism, Limited Atonement or Unlimited Atonement. It is a unique approach to the question of the extent of the Atonement. The book is now available at Amazon in either a paperback or Kendle.

This isn't a comic book, or science fiction. God's Wrath Postponed is a serious attempt to propose an answer to the theological issue, For Whom Did Christ Die? Although there are only 100 pages, it is not an easy, quick read. God's Wrath was written for the Theological Community. Please visit the blog associated with this Website to make comments or interact with author.